Car batteries also exist in many types and their classification is based on usage, their composition and size, chemical reactions. But also by way of use, depending on the type of containers etc. Brisk focuses on starting batteries for passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, small agricultural machinery and atypical batteries. The battery series that differ in terms of performance, size and resistance are specified according to individual groups. For assessment, it is necessary to compare the indicated parameters in terms of battery capacity, starting current and weight. According to the mutual status of these parameters, it is possible to form the first opinion on the battery. But there is still a large number of, not only, technical parameters (proportion of active mass and their binding in the plates, separators, immobilised electrolyte) or commercial – maintenance-free, magic eye, appearance etc. Unlike other products, the battery is a living organism that must be taken care of regularly for it to reward us with extended life.